Edouard Malingue Gallery Move and Expansion

News - [15.01.15 - 15.01.15]

Edouard Malingue Gallery is pleased to announce its move and expansion in Central Hong Kong. Established in 2010, Edouard Malingue Gallery was founded to show emerging and established contemporary artists from around the world, such as Eric Baudart, Cui Xinming, Jeremy Everett, Laurent Grasso, Nuri Kuzucan, Los Carpinteros, Fabien Mérelle, João Vasco Paiva, Sun Xun, Janaina Tschäpe, Wang Zhibo and Yuan Yuan. In addition to presenting dynamic solo exhibitions, the gallery pushes the boundaries of art in public spaces and stimulates artistic discourse through collaborations with curators worldwide and the production of individual publications. Following the success of these initial four years, the gallery is expanding and will move to Sixth Floor, 33 Des Voeux Road, Central.

The new space, which will occupy an entire floor, will provide scope for a more ambitious and diverse exhibition programme, offering greater freedom of expression to the exhibited artists and an enriching experience for viewers. The gallery will continue to support a wide array of innovative exhibitions whilst continuing to develop its line of curatorial projects and public engagement. Edouard Malingue Gallery’s new space will open to the general public in January 2015 with a group show featuring works by a selection of the gallery’s artists; Eric Baudart, Cui Xinming, Jeremy Everett, Ko Sin Tung, Nuri Kuzucan, Joao Vasco Paiva and Yuan Yuan. This inaugural exhibition will be followed by an international launch with a major solo show in March 2015.

New address

For media enquiries

  • Jennifer Caroline Ellis
  • (jennifer@edouardmalingue.hk or +852 2810 0317)

All further enquiries

  • Lorraine Malingue
  • (lorraine@edouardmalingue.hk or +852 2810 0317)

Venue: Edouard Malingue Gallery, Hong Kong

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