Lai Chih-Sheng

Solo Exhibition - [17.12.19 - 13.02.20]

Delighted to share Lai Chih-Sheng’s solo exhibition, ‘Besides,’ at the Kirishima Open Air Museum, Japan.

“‘Besides,’ is about exceptions to reality, in which a unique sensitivity is initiated through acts of imagination, blurring, defiance, transcendence or vanquishment in regard to everyday circumstances.” –Lai Chih-Sheng

This solo exhibition encompasses a number of artworks Lai Chih-Sheng made since 2011, including new pieces characteristic of his conceptual ideas with an emphasis on the connection between daily life and nature. By distilling a certain sense of familiar yet peculiar feelings, Lai’s poignant exposition brings to light something simple, but resonant of a cosmic moment.


Venue: Kirishima Open Air Museum, 6340-220 Koba, Yusui, Aira District, Kagoshima 899-6201, Japan

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