Sun Xun receives 8th Award of Art China for the Most Influential Chinese Artist of 2013

Art Prize - [23.05.14]

Sun Xun has been awarded the prestigious 8th Award of Art China for the Most Influential Chinese Artist of 2013. The judges this year included: Feng Boyi, Gong Jisui, Huang Zhuan, Jia Fangzhou, Lu Hong, Pi Daojian, Qiu Zhenzhong, Shu Kewen, Sun Zhenhua, Yu Ke, Yin Shuangxi, Yang Xiaoyan, Ye Yongqing, and Zhang Yiwu. The Award of Art China . Selections of the Annual Influential Artists (AAC), is an annual art selection activity initiated in 2006 by the largest Chinese artwork internet portal in the world, artron.net. In collaboration with insiders from the art world and supported by more than one thousand people from the media, the Award aims at an annual summary and selection of artists, art events and the market.

Websites: Cafa.com

Venue: Edouard Malingue Gallery, Hong Kong

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(002)  misty clouds scattered colours


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